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Heart and Hands Healing for People and Animals

Angel Card Readings, Animal Communication, Distance Healing, Weddings, Holistic Hypnosis

and more!

About Me

My Name is Sheila Scott. A Near Death Experience (NDE) at age 3 activated my spiritual abilities. I have been intuitive and sensitive all my life and I have been using my spiritual gifts for over 28 years.

I am a licensed Spiritualist Minister in the province of Ontario.

I am an Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor.

I am a certified Consulting Hypnotist. I am registered with the National Guild of Hypnotists.

I have advanced hypnotherapy training in Ultra-Height®, Pain Management, Hypnosis For Childbirth, Advanced Medical Surgical Hypnosis, Smoking Cessation, and Past Life Regression.

I have been providing hypnosis services for 18 years.

I am LGBQT positive.

I was attuned to /initiated into Reconnective Healing(tm) by Dr. Eric Pearl in 2000.

 I have studied many healing modalities over the past 28 plus years,

including being a

Master Hypnotist, a certified Metaphysical Hypnotist, a Reiki Master,

an Animal Reiki Master,

a Certified Spiritual Animal Healer, a Space Clearing Practitioner,

a certified Angel Light-worker, an Angel Reiki Master,

a Certified Spiritual Healer,

a Quantum Reiki Master

Certified in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT- Advanced).