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Heart and Hands Healing for People and Animals

Angel Card Readings, Animal Communication, Distance Healing, Weddings, Holistic Hypnosis

and more!


I have a great Love and respect for the Angels and I invoke their help when sending healing for people and animals. They have never failed me. I also ask for their help when clearing homes and properties. I feel Angelic presences and can sense their communication. Angels live to serve God and God has entrusted the care and healing of humans and animals to them.

I am an Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor, a certified Angel Light-worker and an Angel Reiki Practitioner.

I am also a Psychic Healer which means I use an array of healing modalities, including crystals, and spiritual healing to help my clients. I am a distance healing specialist. I have over 35 years of experience as an Energy Healer.

If you want to connect with your angels all you have to do is ASK them. Angels are usually not allowed to intervene unless we ask for their assistance.   


"Beloved and blessed Angels I call upon you. Beloved and blessed Angels, gifts of Creator,

gifts that support and help me to express my own gifts and my loving presence.

Blessed Angels come to me now, help me to be receptive, open and clear to receive your

gifts; bless me, heal me, and stay with me.

I call today upon the Angel of Self-Healing. This Angel who knows us so well and who loves

us completely and unconditionally. Angel of Self-Healing, I allow myself to open to your

assistance and guidance. Blessed Angel, come to me now, I ask for your help. Angel of Self-Healing,

I ask for your loving healing energy, I ask for your wisdom, I ask to receive what will help me to heal

and become whole".

Repeat this Invocation 3 times, 3 times per day (Morning, Noon and Night) for at least 3 days or for as long as is needed.

I am offering Advanced Energy Healing sessions by distance method. You may receive your healing at a scheduled time via Zoom, Skype or Phone. You may also choose to receive your healing at an unscheduled time. If you choose to have an unscheduled healing session, I will email you once it has been completed. Distance Healing sessions are by Donation.

A suggestion is that the donation is based on what you believe the service is worth.