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Heart and Hands Healing for People and Animals

Angel Card Readings, Animal Communication, Distance Healing, Weddings, Holistic Hypnosis

and more!


Light language is the galactic language of love and light. It carries encoded messages for frequency healing, and activating our physical and spiritual DNA. It is used for healing any issue, for toning, meditating, and aligning with our soul's divine purpose. The energy of Light Language is from Source, Galactic Council or Universal Consciousness. Light Language bypasses the conscious, linear, ego mind, (the false self), and speaks directly to our infinite souls.

During the process of a Light Language Healing session, the energy transmissions instill coding sequences of Sound and Light that are transmitted through the voice, hands and eyes. These energy transmissions are a gift from Spirit/ God /Goddess/ All That Is.

We are all suffering a certain degree of mental, emotional and physical illness in our current life time. Many of these illnesses or attachments were deeply rooted in our physical body for numerous life times. Our souls recorded these memory blockages from our past life events such as trauma, injuries, war, fights, grief, broken relationships, betrayals, illness and death. When a Light Language Healing session is conducted, the new frequencies have the ability to heal these past life issues. The coded transmission through voice and hand symbols will permanently release the karmic blockages without the need for past life regressions. Different tones and vibrations can regenerate cells and correct distorted frequencies. Love and Inner Harmony are restored without re-experiencing the suffering from our past life traumas.

Light Language Healing is designed for spiritual advancement, and physical and conscious evolution through the activation of previously dormant DNA. We all hold energy frequencies in our DNA, cells and energy fields, which are the result of thoughts we have created in the past or had projected at us by others. The intention of the spiritual hierarchy in transmitting these light, sound and activation codes is to is to prepare humanity for soul ascension. 

I will incorporate Light Language into all healing sessions except Reconnective Healing as specified by Dr. Eric Pearl.

I am also offering stand alone Light Language channeling sessions by phone or Skype only. Your session will be scheduled at a specific time. I offer a sliding scale fee. Thirty minute sessions start at $50.00 and up.

Please read my Healing Disclaimer page. Thank You.